Ok… this blog is dead…

15 06 2007

This blog is officially dead.
It has now completely moved to plainBETA.
However – the techie/web stuff shall be (mostly) posted on a different blog – BE Blog


The Blog is Half Moving

11 05 2007

Hey y’all.
I’m half-way moving punk[G33K].
Most everything that I’d post here is now going to be posted on plainBETA.
The only stuff that shall stay here is the technology/computer stuff. But even then some of that will end up on plainBETA anyways.

So, the point is follow plainBETA!!!

Signing out,

This is For All Us Web Designers Out There

9 05 2007


The Halo God – Untoutchable

3 05 2007

Absolutly insane…

District 13

2 05 2007

A video excerpt from the movie District 13.

Computer Switch!

28 04 2007

Photo by Enderike

While Ed was on vacation, his co-workers nabbed his desk set up (including his G5 Dual 2.5 and 30 inch plasma screen) and switched it with this Macintosh Pro from 1986.

Signing out,

The Bathroom of Enchantment

19 04 2007

Welcome, Child!

You are about to enter a world of magic and pretend,
An enchanted place where flushing never ends,
Where paper towels appear with a wave of your hand,
And soap drips quickly at your noble command.

Little gnomes run to and fro,
Fixing wayward toilets that overflow,
While sea nymphs conjure fire storms
To make sure the water is always warm.

Urinals, two with no partition,
Seek to break the old traditions.
Where once was etiquette there is grace.
Pee free! Pee now! Pee face to face!

Middle-Earth and Narnia fail to compete
With such a world so green and neat.
So welcome children, one and all,
Take a seat and let it fall!